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New TV show “I Do… Take Two”, to give couples a chance to right all the wrongs that occurred on their wedding day

Posted on: November 1, 2013

Your wedding day – it’s supposed to be the biggest day of your life.  But maybe it didn’t quite go to plan and instead went more down the pan.


Did a storm scupper your marquee reception or a rogue page-boy create a ruckus in the church? Maybe the best man’s speech revealed too much detail about the ladsy stag. Did a key family member not make it to the ceremony, the rings go missing or the groom’s fly was down? Or perhaps your honeymoon turned into a five star disaster.


Whatever your wedding day catastrophe, Tyrone Productions want to hear from you. They’re currently looking for married couples for a new show – ‘I Do…Take Two’ – in which married couples get to renew their wedding vows and right the wrongs from Big Day number one by doing it all again – but this time just how you dreamed it would be.



No matter how long you’ve been married – be it one year or 50 years – make a big romantic gesture by getting in touch with them now. Email Robert with your wedding day disasters at weddings@tyroneproductions.ie with your name, phone number, where you’re from and how long you’ve been married.


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